The global economy consumes around 95 billion tonnes of natural resources extracted from the Earth, two-thirds of which are non-renewable and just one-third renewable biomass. Only around 9-10% of these resources are currently being recycled. Two-thirds of the material used is discarded as environmental pollution or other waste.

On the initiative of Estonians, we’ve been cleaning up the planet since 2008. Our mission has been supported by 57 million people collecting and properly disposing of rubbish all over the world. But the planet still isn’t clean. We’ve come to realise that dealing with the consequences isn’t enough: we need to tackle the causes.

Why do we need The Green Tiger?

Reducing thoughtless consumption, focusing on reusing resources and taking steps to fight climate change are issues which are gaining traction all over the world. While many countries are becoming more aware of the problem and are looking for solutions, a lot of people still want to know what they themselves, their community or their company can do to help.

What we need is research-based practical information and effective examples to help people make environmentally friendly choices.We believe Estonia is the best country for the creation and implementation of innovative solutions. Estonians could be the first to achieve a green economy and set an example to the rest of the world.

Green Tiger is a cross-sectoral cooperation platform, the aim of which is to create green economic model for Estonia and the world.

Green Tiger’s mission:

To devise and implement environmentally friendly practices in all sectors and to foster a green economy

Green Tiger’s vision:

A sustainable world which preserves social welfare whilst focusing on the conservation and restoration of nature

Green Tiger’s values:

Competent, genuinely courageous, unifying, future-oriented

How was the Green Tiger created?

The first ever World Cleanup Day was held on 15 September 2018, involving 17.8 million people from 157 countries.
That same day, the world was introduced to the Keep It Clean plan. Developed by internationally renowned scientists, it outlines principles for ensuring that the world remains as clean as possible. The next step in the plan is the drafting of implementation schemes to keep each individual country clean. The Green Tiger team started by creating a roadmap that will serve as an example to other countries.

How will Green Tiger achieve its goal?

Green Tiger aims to take green development to the next level in Estonian society via collaboration across sectors at three levels:

Representing companies on environmental issues and making suggestions to policy-makers. As an independent and apolitical platform, we support companies in their environmentally aware journey and take suggestions to policy-makers. That’s why we’ve created the Green Tiger Think-Tank and an economics panel made up of Estonian entrepreneurs whose aim is to arrive at a vision of an economy that is environmentally friendly and based on future technologies and whose implementation is feasible for Estonia. The think-tank focuses primarily on the green economy. We want to find solutions and strategies befitting the green economy in economic sectors like energy, transportation and agriculture. The suggestions of the economics panel are validated by the Green Tiger knowledge team.

Applying change in practice In order to achieve this, we’ve created the Green Tiger pilot programme for organisations that are motivated to make the green leap. To date, 15 companies and institutions have joined the programme.Raising environmental awareness The organisations involved in the pilot programme undertake a 10-day Green Tiger Academy course on which they learn about the circular economy and gain skills for driving change. We also have a consumer behaviour team whose aim is to steer consumers towards making more environmentally conscious decisions.

​Green Tiger’s activities are supported by the environmental impact indicator development team, who aim to create a solution for evaluating environmental impact in both the public and private sectors. All Green Tiger activities are supported by our process and communication teams.


Stages of Green Tiger activities:
November 2019  – July 2020: work plan creation
Data collection and analysis, process design, cooperation negotiations and agreements. Envisioning the future economy.

August 2020 – January 2022: Piloting the green leap in businesses and public units
Testing environmental-friendly operations in 15 organisations. Open communication of their success and learning points to create inspiration for other organisations.

February 2022 – December 2024: Formulating the societal demand
Accelerating systemic innovation in the Estonian society and at the state level. Introducing the Green Tiger model internationally.

Organisations and companies which already have joined Green Tiger

Tere, Port of Tallinn, Coop Estonia, Estonian Public Broadcasting, Agrone, Hoolekandeteenused, LHV Bank, Bolt, Lääne-Harju municipality, Hundipea, Ülemiste City, Police and Border Guard Board, Rocca al Mare School, Elisa Estonia & Zavod BBDO

Green Tiger’s partners

Alexela, E-Agronom, Nordecon Betoon, Ragn-Sells, Cronimet Nordic, Vestman Energy, Estanc, Bepco, Utilitas, Agenda Public Relations, Sustinere, Miltton Sisu, Rootloop, City of Tallinn, Let’s Do It! & Siromo

Centre for Environmental Investments, Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations, Open Estonia Foundation, Active Citizens Fund, Producer Responsibility Organisation, Coca-Cola Foundation, National Foundation of Civil Society, Estonian Green Movement &

Founders and leaders of the Green Tiger

The core of the Green Tiger consists of people with experience in the circular economy, industry, business processes, service design and change management.

Team Leaders: 

​Eva Truuverk – Leader
Mihkel Tammo – Leader
Jaanus Purga – Economic committee
Erkki Vedder – Pilots
Jannus Jaska – Indicators
Kristiina Kerge – Indicators
Teele Pehk – Processes
Birgit Kermes – Consumer behaviour
Markus Vihma – Academy
Helin Vaher – Communication
Siiri Puttonen – Digital channels


Hille Hinsberg
Maris Ojamuru
Kai-Riin Kriisa
Maarja-Leena Saar
Rasmus Kagge
Mart Normet
Liisa Ringmäe
Mitro Puttonen
Kristiina Dreimann
Madis Vasser
Kadri Kaarna
Kadi Kenk
Merili Vares
Kadri-Mai Kuldkepp
Helen Tammo
Maiu Lauring

Creators of the Green Tiger Academy: / Markus Vihma
Miltton Sisu / Kristi Liiva
Sustinere / Maris Ojamuru
Pricewaterhouse Coopers / Kadri Lindpere
Agenda PR / Helin Vaher