About the Green Tiger

The Green Tiger is a cross-sector collaboration platform started in 2020, the purpose of which is to devise, teach and implement a plan for a balanced economy.


The Green Tiger’s Mission

Green Tiger’s mission is to create and implement nature-friendly practices in all sectors and develop a balanced economy. You can read about what we mean by a balanced economy here.


Vision of the Green Tiger

Green Tiger dreams of a sustainable world that preserves the well-being of society while preserving and restoring nature. Green Tiger is committed to making his dream come true!


Core values of the Green Tiger

The Green Tiger is competent in its activities, genuinely courageous, unifying and future-creating.

Green tiger


Green Tiger’s main activities and projects 

The Green Tiger is a representative organization that unites over 80 Estonian companies. We believe that a joint and coordinated green leap has a greater impact on society than steps taken alone. The idea of the representative organization of the Green Tiger is to share knowledge and tools to implement sustainable changes and to provide a collaborative platform for sharing experiences, successes and lessons learned.


Road maps

To reach a balanced economy, Green Tiger prepares roadmaps in five different areas.

The Energy Roadmap and the Construction Roadmap have already been completed, and the Transportation, Circular Economy and Land Use Roadmap will be completed by the beginning of 2025.

The roadmaps are industry-specific practical guidelines for making changes. The creation of the roadmaps involves companies operating in the sector, professional associations, researchers and state representatives. Roadmaps are work tools created for the state to use: for example, some of the points outlined in the Construction Roadmap were also included in the Estonian government’s coalition agreement.


Development Report

In order to monitor the progress of Green Tiger’s activities, we prepare a development report every year. It is the voice of the Green Tiger member organizations, the aggregator of the social order, the definer of a balanced economy and the unifier of sectors, and a tool for all parties to successfully complete the green revolution. In the development report, we gather articles by various authors that help make sense of the journey of creating a balanced economic model for Estonia.


The Green Tiger Academy

The Green Tiger Academy is a management competence development program for companies and organizations that want to implement green innovation in their organization. The four-month intensive training program has been created in cooperation with accredited universities and offers participants a reliable atmosphere to go through all the practical steps to reduce the environmental impact of their company and create new value.



Membership in the leading group for the development of the Climate Act

The Green Tiger is part of the group to develop the Estonian Climate Act. The Green Tiger participates in lawmaking by expressing our input based on the forementioned road maps and the progress book. 

The importance of Green Tiger’s role is emphasized by the fact that the climate act’s leading group includes 20 members, only four of them, including Green Tiger, not being from the public sector. Green Tiger is among the limited number of partners who are able to express the opinion of their members and make the voice of the private sector heard.

Annual Summaries

The representative organization of the Green Tiger was founded on January 27, 2021. The goal of the representative organization of the Green Tiger is to unite Estonian companies in order to jointly work on making the economy more environmentally sustainable. At the beginning of each year, the representative organization gathers for an annual meeting summarizing the year of activity.

The presentations of the annual meetings can be found here (currently only available in Estonian) 

Annual meeting 2022

Annual meeting 2023


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