Global Green Academy program

The Global Green Academy is a meeting place for future change leaders from countries around the world (193 countries on the UN list). In the first cohort during 2024,  50 countries will participate. Each country’s team consists of three ambitious and influential leaders who have already proven themselves at home. Candidates are selected through an application  process, in collaboration with the Republic of Estonia’s diplomatic missions.

One cohort of the Global Green Academy study for six months. During this time, two learning sessions will take place in Estonia (at the beginning of the program in January and at the end in June), and participants will work both in teams and individually with the support of online mentors and instructors.

The teaching format is intensive, tailored to the level of development of change leaders and focused on the implementation of specific changes. As part of the program, participants will engage with an issue of importance to the Estonian state, involving related businesses and government officials in Estonia. The central framework for this program is the balanced economic model being developed and implemented in Estonia. When developing the program, it is essential to have a sector-bridging perspective on the curriculum and emphasize practicality. Development of the program begins in January.

The program content is based on three interconnected areas:

  • Future economic models.
  • Innovation and technologies.
  • Initiating and leading high-impact changes.

The program is led by renown researcher Helen Sooväli-Sepping, who will invite concept creators and practitioners from around the world in addition to the best practitioners from Estonia.

The Global Green Academy will be a program of one country for the benefit of other countries, not just another supplementary course, summer or winter school for university degree seekers.

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