Transportation Roadmap 2040

The Transportation Roadmap 2040 is the third roadmap the Green Tiger has devised for the Estonian state to achieve a substantial reduction in the footprint of human activities, which is necessary for preserving the natural environment. Continuing on the course that has been followed so far is not sustainable, so we need to introduce major changes as a state and society to ensure that our future generations find the natural environment on the planet suited for life. 

Transport as a sphere of activity is one of the cornerstones of the functioning of society and the economy. However, the growth of people’s mobility and the globalization of trade have substantially increased the footprint left by the sector over the recent decades, and following the same course will have a devastating effect on our ecosystem. Therefore, this roadmap aims to devise an action plan for a future-proof transport and mobility ecosystem based on the principles of minimizing the environmental impact on the one hand and ensuring the quality of the transport service adequate for the needs of the country’s residents and businesses on the other hand, which would contribute to Estonia’s competitive position.  

Transportation Roadmap 2040


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