The representative organization

The representative organization of the Green Tiger was founded on January 27, 2021. The goal of the representative organization of the Green Tiger is to unite Estonian companies in order to jointly work on making the economy more environmentally sustainable.

We believe that a coordinated green leap has a greater impact on society than steps taken alone. The idea of the representative organization of the Green Tiger is to share knowledge and tools to implement sustainable changes and to provide a collaborative platform for sharing experiences, successes and lessons learned.

We believe that Estonia is the best country for creating and implementing innovative solutions. It is Estonians who can be the ones who reach a balanced economy and set themselves as an example for everyone else in the world.

The Green Tiger representative organization has 25 founding members: Wolfscape, Arcwood, Cronimet, Swedbank, LHV, Puhastusimport, A. Le Coq, Agrone, Bolt, Thermory, Vestman Grupp, Tere, Kaamos, Alexela, Ragn-Sells, Estonian Business School, Scandium Kinnisvara, Ülemiste City, Dimedium, KPMG Estonia, Pipedrive, Rally Estonia, Port of Tallinn, TalTech, Utilitas.

All Estonian companies and organizations that want to be the leaders of the green revolution are invited to join Green Tiger. The membership target is 150 organizations.

Green Tiger offers members the opportunity to actively participate in the green transition. We offer training courses and seminars on various topics of environmental impact reduction. Some of the topics include:

  • Implementing green projects from various funding sources;
  • European Union green frameworks (sustainability taxonomy, sustainability reporting, etc.);
  • Sustainable events and green office;
  • Calculation of environmental impact;
  • Avoiding greenwashing and much more.

Primarily, however, the representative organization of Green Tiger is a community. It is a place to learn and be inspired by each other and sometimes to initiate joint business projects. Our members are diverse – almost all economic sectors are represented, and among us there are those who have systematically integrated environmental issues into the management structure of the company, as well as those who are just taking the first steps in the matter. But we are all united by the plan to be creators of the future, not the ones lazily jugging along.



Forming a social order

  • Regular meetings with companies to map problems
  • Mapping regulatory obstacles and systematically reporting them in the Green Tiger Development Book and holding a dialogue with the state to eliminate these obstacles
  • Participation in the creation of state regulations
  • Participation in the creation and improvement of the vision of a balanced economy

Knowledge and tools

  • Opportunity to participate in the Green Tiger Academy
  • Participation in monthly events aimed at the Green Tiger network (trainings, seminars and inspiration visits).
  • The opportunity to participate in the basic sustainability program consisting of four blocks
  • Access to a network of researchers and experts

A community of green businesses

  • Mutual sharing of experiences
  • Participation in community events (joint hikes, celebration of Green Tiger’s birthday, etc.)


The members of the Green Tiger

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