Green Tiger Progress Book 2023

Green Tiger Progress Book 2023

The Green Tiger Progress Book is an annual publication where we gather articles by various authors that help to make sense of the journey of creating a balanced economic model for Estonia.

The main content of the development book is made up of in-depth interviews with members of the Green Tiger representative organization, which give a good overview of where Estonian companies with the ambition of leading the green revolution are currently located, what their progress and challenges are in creating change. Based on the conversations, specific stories and examples have been born that illustrate the obstacles behind the green turn in companies, as well as proposals and recommendations for the public sector on how to overcome these obstacles and move forward faster.

Through the Development Book, we constantly monitor how far we have come towards achieving our goal.

A total of three development books will be published – in 2023, 2024, 2025. The first one is like a foundation and a starting point, where the topics and basic data were set. We take a look at what we have reached with the Green Tiger in three years of operation. In the following books, we assess the development, open up the thinking behind our actions and make the focus even more precise.

The development book is primarily aimed at Green Tiger members, but it is an interesting reading material for all other entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, change leaders, journalists, public sector representatives and politicians.


The Green Tiger Progress Book 2023 can be read here (currently available only in Estonian).




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