Global Green Academy vision

To bring together world’s best knowledge to educate, inspire, and encourage leaders from different countries to seek, discover, and implement a new economic model, following the example set by Estonia. Just as Silicon Valley emerged from Stanford University in the middle of the last century, the Global Green Academy can lay the foundation for a competence center for the green transition in Estonia.

The Global Green Academy will serve as an international accelerator for a balanced economy. Here, people will learn from the world’s leading scientists and experts. On the practical side, we will teach the implementation of nationwide changes with the support of Estonia’s success stories. The foundation for this includes four development leaps in Estonia:

  1. How socialism was peacefully transitioned to capitalism.
  2. How Estonia joined and integrated into the European Union.
  3. How it became a leading advocate for the digital world with the help of the Tiger Leap national project.
  4. How the green transition is being prepared for and executed.

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