Balanced economy

The goal of the Green Tiger is to prepare, teach and implement a plan for a balanced economy.

A balanced economy means operating within the tolerance limits of the planet. Unfortunately, current economic practices (primarily the use of resources), do not offer a solution that would simultaneously allow the continuation of biodiversity and an enjoyable life on our home planet. The economic model based on GDP, which has brought us success so far, is no longer sustainable. If we want to bring society to the next level, we need to find a new model that would foster development without contributing to the deterioration of the natural environment. This is what the Green Tiger calls a balanced economy.

What has the Green Tiger done for creating a balanced economy?

The main breakers of the balance are human activities in the sectors of energy, construction, transport, land use and industry. Therefore, the Green Tiger is preparing road maps to reach a balanced economy. 

The Energy Roadmap for the years 2021–2031–2040 and the Construction Roadmap for 2023–2040 have already been completed. The Transportation Roadmap will be completed at the beginning of 2024, and the Circular Economy and Land Use Roadmaps will be completed by the end of 2024.

The roadmaps are already widely used in companies and have become a reliable source and direction indicator for the public sector as well: the Estonian government established in April 2023 added several points from the Green Tiger road maps to its coalition agreement.

We also launched the Green Tiger Academy in 2020, a management competence development program for companies and organizations to implement green innovation in their organization. We are currently working on making the Academy reach the global level.

A balanced economy is not an abstract future that denies economic growth, but the aggregate result of the most weighty practical steps. The well-being of people and companies can increase exponentially as a result of the green revolution.

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