Energy roadmap 2021-2031-2040

Energy roadmap 2021-2031-2040

In collaboration with entrepreneurs and experts, the Green Tiger’s first roadmap on energy was completed in December 2021. However, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine significantly changed the situation in the field of energy and forced the implementation of the goals set in the first Green Tiger Energy Roadmap at a faster pace than before. Therefore, an updated version of the road map was prepared in September 2022, which outlines the readiness of entrepreneurs and proposals for the state to make the transition to carbon-neutral energy production as fast as possible.

Key messages of the Energy Roadmap:

  • Estonia will soon become an environmentally impoverished country unless we change our way of life and attitude towards nature. Year after year, we are left with less and less of what is essential for our existence: forest, air, water, animals, fish, insects, self-recovering natural communities and much more. This process of impoverishment is gaining pace, and it is a much more pressing problem than a decline in economic growth or financial wealth because it affects the aspects of everyone’s well-being and quality of life that cannot be directly measured in cash: health; mental, emotional, and physical satisfaction, and happiness.
  • In case the recommendations given by the Green Tiger’s Energy Roadmap are followed, most of the heat and electricity consumption in Estonia could be covered with renewable sources by 2030.
  • Paying people for energy consumption is a step in the wrong direction from the environmental perspective. This is why a certain timeframe must be established for energy price compensation, and it must only be paid to those who absolutely need it and imply an obligation of the eligible consumer to invest in energy efficiency. Regulated and fixed energy prices should only be used as a short-term measure.
  • It is important that renovation subsidies from the state continue and be increased. Moreover, individuals’ measures to save energy should be supported in addition to renovation packages in case of residential buildings and apartment buildings.

The entire Energy Roadmap can be read here (currently available only in Estonian).

Energy roadmap


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