Global Green Academy

In January 2025, the Global Green Academy (GGA), initiated by Rohetiiger in Estonia, will start! The aim is to train and bring together global change leaders to develop and implement a new sustainable economic model in Estonia. The ambition is to disseminate Estonia’s experiences and the jointly created economic model worldwide through the network that forms during GGA’s activities.

We believe that Estonia is the ideal country for creating and testing innovative economic models. Estonia is small enough, flexible, and digitally advanced. Estonia has a sufficient number of intelligent and remarkably organized people. Estonia also possesses excellent recent historical experiences of nationwide changes that can serve as examples to other countries.

The academy will act as an incubator for world global change agents, where a new economic model will be collectively developed. Later on, every participating country will have the opportunity to apply the experiences gained in their home countries. GGA’s headquarters in Estonia will continue to be an integral part of this network.

The year 2024 is the launch year for the Global Green Academy, during which we will develop the academy’s program, finalize the methodology, engage partners, instructors, and mentors, and invite exceptional teams of future leaders from 50 different countries to study at the academy for the first cohort.

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