Statement of Estonian entrepreneurs: the green transition must become a political and social priority

More than sixty Estonian entrepreneurs signed the statement, which encourages the government, political parties, and the media to make the green transition a priority in the coming years and help society understand its importance. 

According to Eva Truuverk, leader of Rohetiiger, the green transition is as big a social change as the transition to a market economy in the nineties: “During such major changes, everyone in society needs to understand why these processes are taking place and agree on the direction of movement. The current decade must be seen as a window of extraordinary opportunities and challenges. Leaders with a vision have understood this and are already acting today. The best time to talk about these topics and reflect the expectations of entrepreneurs is during the current election debates.” 

According to the entrepreneurs, the recent crises have made several politicians and officials move in the right direction and make the necessary decisions, for example, in the field of energy. However, a similar vision, long-term planning, and leadership are needed in all areas. 

“The country has decided that by 2030 Estonia must produce at least as much renewable electricity as is consumed in Estonia during the year. This is a good example of an ambitious goal. Similar goals and concrete steps to reach them are also needed in all other areas,” said the head of Utilitas group Priit Koit

According to the head of Ragn-Sells Kai Realo, a long-term plan is essential to remain competitive in the international market: “As entrepreneurs, we see a unique opportunity to improve our positions during this period of transformation. The customers of our main export markets increasingly expect solutions with a low carbon footprint that support the circular economy, and this creates a unique opportunity to improve the competitiveness and value creation of the Estonian economy”. 

The statement was signed by members and partners of Rohetiiger. 

Full text of the statement:

Statement of entrepreneurs: the green transition requires will and social agreement 

There is a problem in the Estonian information space. The green transition, which is the most important topic of the next decade and on which the future of every person in Estonia depends, still causes a lot of confusion. Many right steps in the right direction have already been taken, but so far there is no common understanding and social agreement on how to move forward at a faster pace. 

The fact remains, however, that climate change, loss of biodiversity, and scarcity of resources affect us all, regardless of gender, age, job, or income. These issues do not leave any person, field of activity, or sector unaffected. 

The signatory entrepreneurs have not waited for a national mandate to make their operations sustainable. It has been a natural way to adapt to global changes. We are committed to the sustainable development of our companies and organizations every day, we have invested in it, and we are ready to invest in the future. We are ready to offer society solutions. 

Likewise, the green transition must become a priority for the next government, Riigikogu, all government institutions, and political parties. The green transition must be emphasized as a topic of national importance, receive all the attention and necessary funding. It must become important for every person in Estonia. 

For such a big social change, we need a comprehensive vision, a long-term plan, bold and meaningful leadership, and real problem solving. We experienced an equally large and all-encompassing change when we transitioned to a free market economy in the early nineties. The entire nation supported a similar nationwide goal when we joined NATO and the European Union.

Everything starts with a will. We have enough will. A recent survey by the Government Office confirmed that most people of Estonia already support today the implementation of the green transition. In this light, we also call on the media to amplify the voices of those who seek and offer solutions. 

As entrepreneurs, we believe that the green transition is a great opportunity for the Estonian economy and people, and a matter of the country’s international competitiveness. We are certain that the actions taken quickly and managed fairly and thoughtfully will increase the well-being of Estonian people, not the other way around. There is no contradiction between the green transition and development. 

We are all responsible for the good fortune, development, and nature of one country, Estonia. We must do it together. A clean, healthy, and life-supporting environment is of primary importance to all of us. 

As entrepreneurs, we will go ahead with the green transition and invite others to join us. 

Signatory companies:

Ettevõtte nimiAllkirjastaja nimiAmetikoht
RohetiigerEva TruuverkLeader
CRONIMET Nordic OÜEva PedjakBoard member
AS Tallinna LennujaamRiivo TuvikeChairman of the board
AS Harju ElekterTiit AtsoChairman of the board
Lee Restoran OÜKristjan PeäskeLeader
Nordic Milk OÜÜlo KivineChairman of the board
Hundipea OÜMarkus HäälCEO
Kaamos Group OÜMarek PohlaChairman of the board
Ragn-Sells ASKai RealoChairman of the board
AS Tallinna SadamValdo KalmChairman of the board
Advokaadibüroo Sorainen ASKarin MadissonBoard member
Eesti Metsameister OÜTauno TrinkBoard member and CEO
OÜ DenEestiRyan JenkinsBoard member
Scania Eesti ASJanno KaruProcuration holder and CEO
GreenDice ASArgo AlaniitCEO OÜTiina AasBoard member
Scandium Kinnisvara Kalle AronBoard member
Puhastusimport OÜMartin LillBoard member
Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp ASRaul PuuseppBoard member
Telia EestiHolger HaljandChairman of the board
H2Electro OÜHenrik HalBoard member
OÜ VegestarPeeter TavaBoard member
Nordic Spedition OÜRael TavasteBoard member
As DimediumSivar IrvalChairman of the council
AS EstancPriit HaldmaCEO
ERGO Insurance SEMarek RatnikBoard member and CEO
Barrus ASMartti KorkCEO
AS AlexelaAivo AdamsonChairman of the board
Alexela Varahalduse ASMarti HäälBoard member
Neste Eesti AS Dennis AntamoChairman of the board
Maru Ehitus ASMargo DengoChairman of the board
Bolt Technology OÜMartin VilligCo-founder
BiotaTec OÜSirli Sipp KulliBoard member
AS LHV GroupMadis ToomsaluChairman of the board
Swedbank ASOlavi LeppChairman of the board
Saare Wind Energy OÜKuido KartauBoard member
Energiapartner OÜMikk SaarBoard member
Sunly ASPriit LepaseppChairman of the board
Jolos OÜMartin RauamBoard member
Agrone OÜMargus MuldBoard member
Eleon ASAndres SõnajalgChairman of the board
Net Group OÜPriit KongoCEO
AAS “BTA Baltic Insurance Company” Eesti filiaalHiljar KõivHead of the branch
Peetri Puit OÜ / ArcwoodTarmo TammBoard member
Eesti Energia ASHando SutterChairman of the board
Fotografiska TallinnPeeter Pihel Board member
Utilitas OÜPriit KoitChairman of the board
Estonian Business SchoolAndreas VeispakBoard member
Glamox ASVirve JõgevaChairman of the board
Filter ASAntti ToppiBoard member
Äripäev ASToomas TruuverkBoard member
DeltaE Insenerid OÜMarti ArakBoard member
Makeitneutral OÜErik RattaseppBoard member
AS Tallinna VesiAleksandr TimofejevChairman of the board
Mainor Ülemiste ASUrsel VelveBoard member
SEB PankAllan ParikChairman of the board
Reval Auto Esindused Tomas TibbingBoard member
Al Mare Auto OÜPeeter TiitsonBoard member
Luminor Palle NordahlBoard member
Thermory ASSimmo SoometsBoard member
Reitan Convenience Estonia ASTiia IlvesBoard member and CEO
Rally Estonia Tarmo HõbeBoard member
Vestman Energia ASAivar BerzinDirector
Foxway OÜJaan TähisteBoard member
COOP Pank ASHeikko MäeBoard member
Sustinere OÜMaris OjamuruCo-founder/Board member
IBIS Tallinn Center MKElen KahroCMO
Lindström GroupKadrian JaagundVice president of Baltics
EnergiaühistuZüleyxa Izmailova Kogukonnajuht
Viru KeskusGertti KogermannDirector
YOS OÜMagnus RäppBoard member
Pillitöökoda Härmoonik OÜ Leho LaaserDirector
Energiasalv Pakri OÜPeep SiitamBoard member
Verston OÜRaido RandmaaBusiness development executive

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